Sunday, January 17, 2010

We ended up not going to the discoteca after all. We went to Hannigan and Sons, this bar near the school, and decided to stay there. There was a guy singing/playing guitar there who a few of us girls were in love with and talked to after the show. He's Italian and moved here from Bologna and I was super excited that I could say that I'd been there before; I told him it was my favorite part of Italy (which completely wasn't was probably my least favorite....but I was a little intoxicated and he was cute so I figured I would exaggerate a bit). We got home around 4 AM and slept in until about noon.

Now I'm sitting in the glacial little study room Mamache cleared out for us, taking a break from homework. I video chatted with my parents and aunt and uncle for a few minutes; as much as I hate technology, I love that it provides me with the opportunity to see my family even when I'm so far away. We haven't seen Mamache that much. According to a friend who lived with them last year, that's not unusual. She goes shopping a lot, takes painting classes, talks on the phone upstairs for hours, or rests upstairs because she gets headaches a lot. We see Rafael a little more often, mainly because he prepares our meals (he's a GREAT cook). He'll chat with us a bit in the kitchen and help us with our Spanish, which is nice.

Okay, I really should finish up my homework. There's not too much left to say, anyway.

Buenas noches!


  1. HAHA Of course you would find the Italian boy!!! You shouldn't lie for a boy....unless he's uber cute...then maybe it's acceptable! ;)
    You...intoxicated....I wanna go drinking with you :D hehe

    I'm glad you're having an awesome time!!! I am living vicariously living through you right now. hehe

  2. did he make the ketchup salad?

  3. I hope to see pictures of all these good looking dudes you encounter!

  4. Ashley: Haha, I know, I know...but he WAS uber cute...AND he was a musician. I am a huge sucker for musicians.And we'll definitely go drinking when I come home!

    Holly: Nope, that was Mamache's creation.

    Emily: I hope the guys aren't too uncomfortable when I snap photos of them, saying "Sorry, I just need to show my Minnesotan friends how sexy you are." :-D