Saturday, January 23, 2010

I only have one more week of my intensive month of Spanish! Time is definitely starting to fly by. I'm a little nervous to start my normal classes. I'll be taking Spanish civilization and culture, twentieth century Spanish literature, and Latin American literature. I wanted to take varieties of Spanish as well, because I need it in order to finish my major, but when I went to hand in my registration form the secretary told me that I needed to test into "superior" level. I was told in Winona that I only needed to place into advanced, so I'm not sure if the study abroad office was wrong or if the secretary here was wrong or if the requirements have just changed since last year. I'll just have to try to place higher once I'm done with the intensive language month, and if I can't I guess I'll have to take the class back in Winona, which I suppose isn't a tragedy.

We went out last night to this little bar called R.S. It was great; small but not cramped, chill but fun, and had relatively cheap drinks. The bartender was from England, and at first I felt a little bad for going somewhere where I wouldn't be forced to practice my Spanish, but I actually ended up speaking more Spanish than I have anywhere else (besides home and school, of course). They had salsa dancing after midnight, and I ended up dancing with this guy named Adrian from the Canary Islands. It was fun at first, but he ended up being a little overly friendly, and when he realized I wasn't the kind of girl he was interested in (easy) he started hitting on another girl. I ended up talking with a couple guys from Granada, Diego and Paolo, who, thankfully, were nothing like Adrian. We talked for most of the night about music, sports, Spain, the U.S., tons of stuff. Diego is at the CLM too, studying German. He already speaks Spanish (obviously), English, and French and wants to learn Swiss, Dutch, and Danish. Paolo doesn't speak any English, which is great because it gave me a chance to practice. Diego said my Spanish was really good, so that definitely gave my confidence a boost. All in all, it was a really fun night!

We're actually getting ready to go out again tonight; the night life is crazy here! I love that I can go out and have a good time AND learn Spanish at the same time. It's so wonderful.

We're leaving soon, so I'll wrap this up. Miss you all!


  1. After the intensive month, you automatically move up one level if you pass the class. So if you are in Advansado A now, you would be in Avandsado B when you're done, if they haven't changed it...

  2. Even if I end up in avanzado B, though, they're still telling me that I need to be in superior to take variedades. I thought I only needed avanzado but it's possible they changed it. Grr.

  3. Stupid boy lol but I'm glad you found some who weren't just interested in a "good time". I'm glad your spanish is getting better and that you are enjoying yourself! :D