Wednesday, January 6, 2010

primera noche

First of all, for any of you who were on the EHS choir trip to Italy five years ago...I didn't lose my boarding pass this time! SUCCESS! I'm already becoming a better world traveller.

Unfortunately, while my organization skills may have changed since I was sixteen, my hatred for flying has not. The trip from Newark to Madrid was torture. I was nauseous, dizzy, couldn't sleep at all, and had to sit next to an obnoxious, PDA-obsessed couple for eight hours. I was miserable by the time I arrived in Spain, but felt a bit better after napping on the airport floor during our layover (ice cold marble is deceptively comfortable).

The flight from Madrid to Granada actually went really well, mainly because I somehow managed to sleep through it. I was out before the plane even took off, and didn't wake up until the seatbelt light came on as we were landing. I left the plane feeling awake, refreshed, and ready to settle into our hostel, clean up a bit, and explore the city a little. My happy bubble was burst, however, at baggage claim, where my suitcase-filled with my entire wardrobe, bathroom stuff, and half of my cash- failed to show up. I wasn't the only one missing luggage; Kristen, one of my roommates, didn't get hers either, and about half of the other passengers were missing theirs as well. We missed our bus because we had to wait in line at customer service to get things straightened out. We gave the woman at the counter our flight info, descriptions of our luggage, and our host family's address, and she told us that we should get our stuff sometime tomorrow if they get everything worked out. I really hope that suitcase is waiting for me tomorrow....I don't want to have to sleep in jeans and a sweatshirt for two nights in a row.

We finally arrived at our hostel at about a quarter to nine. It's pretty nice. The room is freezing, and the mattresses are kind of stiff, but it's incredibly comfortable compared to cramped airplanes with hard, scratchy seats. After we got settled in we walked around until we found a tapas bar, where we had delicious, cheap drinks and even more delicious food. The waiter thought Kristen was cute so he brought us all free shots, which were unbelievably tasty. Karl, Joe, and Cassy headed to another bar afterwards, but the rest of us decided to get back to the hostel to rest up; we definitely needed it.

I'm already realizing that my Spanish speaking/listening skills suck. They speak SO fast here! And so far, the people I've talked to are not super patient with my limited language abilities. They roll their eyes if I don't understand what they said and get frustrated when they don't understand what I'm trying to say. It's a pain, but it's just an incentive to practice as much as possible and leave here by the end of May able to speak Spanish without annoying native speakers.

We meet our host families tomorrow, so hopefully that goes well. I've heard mixed reactions from students who've stayed with my family in the past, so I'll have to see what they're like for myself.

Buenas noches,


  1. I am so excited for you Schaubie!

    If I come visit you, I think you have convinced me to pack everything in one carry on backpack. Losing luggage SUCKS.

    Hooray Pomegranate town!

  2. Good to see you made it Schaubie!! Hopefully your luggage will arrive shortly..have a great time meeting your family..they are bound to love you..tell Squishy I say Hola!!! Love ya :D

  3. Glad to see you got there Laura. :) That is totally sucky about the luggage though. But I am glad to see you have improved since Italy. ;) Mrs. Geier would be sooo proud. lol I can't wait to see what the rest of the trip has in store for you.

    Ps. That is awesome you got free shots :)

  4. MMMMmmmmm. I wish I were there with you! I miss Spain so much!

    Also, you'll find Granada is one of the worst places for patience. Almost anywhere else in Spain the people are more helpful to foreigners. I don't know if it's cuz of all the students they see. It's hard to go anywhere there without running into a language learner. Could be a little annoying, I guess.

  5. Laura,
    I am so excited to be able to follow your blog! I am sending positive thoughts your way that your luggage appears. Because others were in the same position would lead me to believe your chances are quite good they will appear. ONE lost suitcase would be a huge concern. We all learned a lesson from your last trip to Italy. It was the Munich airport where you lost your boarding pass. I had tried to convince the gate attendant that someone with such a fine German name as yours should be allowed on the flight. After all, your name appeared on the list! No such luck. I had just pulled out my credit card to purchase a ticket for you to Rome when you and Mel ran up with your boarding pass. Someone had turned it in! Ever since that moment, I have loved Munich. Perhaps you and I should travel together there someday!!!! Have a wonderful experience my dear. I look forward to following your adventure! Good luck with the host family!

  6. HOLLY: YES. Carry on is important. It could save your life...okay, I'm exaggerating, but seriously, I was so happy I had most of my important stuff with me on the plane. Luckily, they delivered my bag to my host family right before I arrived.

    STEVIE:Thanks! I'll try to set up skype soon so we can chat.

    ASHLEY:Those shots were SO tasty...they were like sour candy.

    SAM: Yeah, I'm definitely noticing that. Even the people at the CLM are pretty impatient. Hopefully my speaking will improve quickly.

    MRS. GEIER: Haha, I am never going to forget that insanity. I love Munich now too after that...I was so lucky that someone turned it in. I would LOVE to travel there someday...and thank them for their kindness in airports. :-D