Saturday, January 16, 2010

I survived the first week of classes here! Yay! We went out last night to celebrate. The first bar we went to, Barracuda's, was small but fun. They gave us each a free shot, then Karl bought me a beer, which I usually don't like, but Alhambra especial was actually pretty good. Then Joe bought a few of us soco shots, which tasted like cough medicine and rubbing alcohol...I'm making a mental note not to drink that again. After that we left, wandered around for a while until we found another bar near the university. I didn't like it there as much. It was huge, absolutely packed, and I could barely hear myself think. I was definitely ready to get out of there. We got home at about 3 AM, crashed, and woke up near noon.

We're going out again tonight, and hopefully we can stick to the little bars. We're going to a dance club too- they were handing out free passes at school- and we'll see how that goes. Large crowds+loud noise+Laura pretending that she has any rhythm=potential disaster.

Anyway, we're having lunch soon, so I'll wrap this up. I think we're having paella today, and I'm reaaaally excited to try it. The food here just keeps gettting better and better...thank god we walk everywhere. I need the exercise to burn off every meal!

Hasta luego!


  1. large crowds + noise + laura pretending she has any rhythm = chaos = no one notices anyone's lack of rhythm = SUPER FUN.

    enjoy yourself tonight. :)

    (is that really how you spell rhythm? looks funny...)

  2. I'll take your word on the soco lol. I went to the liquur store last night and they were giving out samples or Jacks and Soco...was tempted to try them but I was driving and already had a glass of wine and half a chocolate martini so I was at my limit for what I would drink when I had to drive.

    I'll make a mental note to try that beer if I ever go to spain.

    PS I totally agree with Holly! If it's one will notice if you have no it won't matter! :D