Sunday, January 10, 2010

Esta nevando :(

I did not pack accordingly for this trip. I knew the first part of it would be a little chilly, but I figured sweatshirt weather, no big deal. I'm a Minnesotan. Cold weather usually doesn't bother me, and compared to the frigid nightmare back home, I figured forty/fifty degree weather would seem practically tropical. WRONG. It snowed most of the day and actually stuck, although it's more slush than snow. We took a test walk to school this afternoon and my sneakers are SOAKED, but those are the strongest shoes I have. I need to buy boots tomorrow afternoon.

Classes start tomorrow, and I'm really excited. For one thing, it'll be nice to have something to distract me from my homesickness (which is getting better already), and having an intensive month of langauge will really help me understand my host parents better. I feel bad having to ask them to repeat things and explain things so often. They're really nice, but sometimes they seem a little impatient with my limited Spanish speaking/comprehension abilities.

My appetite is getting better. I've actually been able to finish my last few meals, so hopefully that becomes a constant and I don't have to feel like I'm offending my host family by not being able to eat everything.

Mamache finally gave us our house keys tonight, so now we can go out and not worry about having problems getting back inside the house!

Not much else to report...I should probably rest up for classes tomorrow.

Buenas noches!


  1. packing for extended amounts of time, and not really know what the weather will be like always sucks! But at least you can go and buy boots. :) Glad to hear you appetite is getting better :D hope your having an amazing time my dear!!

  2. I think I went through three pairs of chuck knockoffs when I was there. The water...and the constant walking around. From what you say, I think I lived quite a bit further from the city center than you did though, so maybe you'll be okay. Have fun in class! First SDP meeting tomorrow. Sad you're going to miss it?

  3. Holly: Haha, nooo. The ones I got were pretty cute though. They're black ankle boots with ties on the side...I'm sure you'll see pics at some point.

    Ashley: I know! The weather here is SO unpredictable. I do have my boots and coat now, though, so that helps. Thanks for the positive vibes!

    Sam:Yeah, my chuck knockoffs are absolutely soaked...and that makes them smell.I can't wait for the rain to let up. How far away did you live? We're about a half an hour walk away from the CLM. And yes, I'm bummed that I will miss the SDP meeting tonight! Tell everyone hola for me!

  4. I lived on Calle Santo Sepulcuro. It's by the tennis courts, if you ever get around there. Follow the river toward the mountains. I think in the direction the sun rises, if I remember correctly. Maybe it isn't further from the CLM than you were.