Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The other day in class we were talking about words and phrases we've learned in Spain. One girl mentioned "estar hasta las narices," which roughly translates to to be/have had it up to the noses, meaning to be sick of something or someone. Antxon taught us a couple more vulgar versions. Some guys will say "Estoy hasta los huevos," meaning "I've had it up to my balls." Girls say "Estoy hasta los ovarios." I'm sure you know what that one means. I'm happy that Spaniards keep sexism out of their idioms.

We've also been telling Antxon and his (hot) TA Alberto about norms in the U.S., which is fun because everything just shocks Alberto. When he heard that some students wear pajamas to class he was completely appalled. "WHAT?!, they can't do that..." I'm going to miss this class. I hope the professors I have for the rest of the semester are as entertaining as the ones I have this month.

I'm still having trouble with my Spanish. It's getting better in class and with our host parents, but in cafes and stores and places it's tricky, especially because so many people here don't seem to have much patience for Americans. One girl in my class had a really bad experience at an ice cream place where the employees were absolutely horrible to her, saying that Americans were stupid thieves, and made fun of her Spanish when she tried to defend herself. Thank God I haven't dealt with anyone like that.

Mamache says Spaniards speak the same way they write, which does not seem true. They drop their "s's" a lot. "Dos" becomes "Do' " and "tienes" becomes "tiene' " (which is really confusing because it changes the meaning of the verb), stuff like that. I know I'll get used to it in time, but it's a little frustrating right now.

Anyway, I should get some homework done. Kristen and I are sitting out on the porch (again), enjoying the sun, and I just got an e-mail that some classes at WSU were cancelled because of severe weather...hahaha, I so left at the right time....



  1. Sounds like you are learning a lot! I'm going to start using "Estoy hasta los ovarios" now whenever I'm frustrated. ;)

    Oh and I am completely jealous of the sunshine btw!

  2. Haha, I know! We need to work at making that a popular phrase in the US!