Friday, April 2, 2010


Ciao, tutti! I just got back from Italy around 8:30 this morning. One week is not enough. I love Spain, and I know that I haven't done much travelling otherwise, so saying this might sound silly, but Italy is my favorite country. There is so much history there; it's like stepping back in time just walking around it. I was mistaken as being Italian at least three times, which was pretty cool. People singled me out of my group of friends to ask me questions, so I felt pretty special, although I felt bad that I couldn't answer; my Italian vocabulary is limited to "hello," "goodbye," "please," "thank you," "you're welcome," "Don't touch me," "Go away," and a couple more colorful words. Being in Rome and Florence brought back great memories from the EHS choir trip, and I made some great new memories with my new friends here. I kept a journal while I was there, so I'll copy the entries here.

Oh, and there is no way I can smoothly transition into this, and there's nowhere else that this fits, but it played a big part in our travels, so it has to be mentioned one way or another. Jake and Mike, two of the guys I was travelling with, decided to say "Eet's-ah-ME! MA-rio!" or "Eet's-ah-ME! LuIgi!" (respectively) about five hundred times a day EVERY day we were in Italy. They probably pissed off so many Italians with their horrible, obnoxious imitations, but it still made me laugh every time I heard it, because apparently I have the sense of humor of a twelve-year-old boy. Seriously, Mario Brothers became the theme of our trip and I loved it.

Alright. Moving onto the journal entries. Enjoy!

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