Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I can sleep through an earthquake

Apparently, I did. There was one in Granada early Monday morning, but I guess it was about six hundred kilometers deep and didn't make much of an impact; no injuries or deaths, no major destruction. It's still cool to say that I survived an earthquake, even if I wasn't aware of it when it happened.

Nerja was absolutely beautiful. I bought a ridiculously overpriced disposable camera and took some pictures while I was there, so I can't wait to get them developed. It was pretty windy but otherwise warm. I got something resembling a tan. Awesome.

I registered for classes back in Winona for fall semester. ALL English courses. I'm really excited, and I'm psyched all the classes I needed were available, but it's going to be so weird not taking a Spanish class for the first time in about fifteen years. Oh, well. I'm still in two Spanish clubs at school, and I've got my tutoring job, so hopefully I can keep practicing that way.

There's nothing else really exciting to report. I just felt like I should update. Five more weeks here. CRAZY.


  1. two spanish clubs?

    why would there even need to BE two spanish clubs on one campus?

  2. One is an unofficial club that a bunch of students started a few years before I started going to WSU. The other one is the Winona chapter of a national Spanish honor society that you have to be invited to become a member on based on grades, Spanish classes, and "show of enthusiasm for Spanish culture" (although I have no clue how they judge that).