Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm sunburned!

It has been sunny for the past six days, and there's a chance of rain only once this week! THANK YOU, Spanish weather, for finally living up to my expectations! Walking to school is so wonderful during the day: no need for my coat, get to sport my super cool prescription shades, ha ha. Yesterday Kristen and I sat out by the river for about two hours just soaking in the rays. It felt amazing! Hopefully it just keeps getting better from here.

Emily was here last week, and we had a blast. My roomies and I had so much fun showing her around Granada, stuffing her full of churros and chawarma, and hanging out on the roof of her incredibly cool hostel. We took her to Cafe Futbol, R&S, and the cathedral (a first for the rest of us; it's SO overwhelmingly beautiful) and she did some cool activities with her hostel people while we were in classes. I was so bummed that she had to leave on Sunday, but I suppose WSU probably wouldn't accept "extending my spring break in Spain a week" as a decent excuse for skipping classes. Darn. Oh, well. It was really fun having her here and we all miss her!

Sunday I went to Ronda with the CLM. I'd never even heard of it before signing up, and it's a really small city, but it's absolutely breathtaking, with all these views of huge cliffs and rolling hills and crumbling castle walls. It's really well-known for bull fighting too, which doesn't interest me too much- I think it's really cruel- but we went to the bullring and the bull fighting museum, which was cool to see just for the historical aspects (and the pretty costumes...). I took loads of pictures (and practically exhausted my camera battery) so expect them on facebook/flickr sometime this week.

The week after next is our spring break because it's Semana Santa (Holy Week). Kristen, Holly, Karl, two guys from our class, and I are going to ITALY!!!!! We leave next Friday and come back to Granada the following Thursday. The first half we'll be in Florence and the second half we'll be in Rome. I swore after the choir trip I'd go back someday, but I didn't think it'd be so soon! So much for learning Italian before then...oh, well! I'm also meeting up with a friend from high school, Lindsey, who's studying in Rome, to take the bus to L'Aquila for a day. My great grandparents on my dad's side are from there and I really want to explore and take some pictures for my family. I'm beyond excited! It still doesn't seem real. There's a good chance. I'm going to have to try so hard not to start sobbing when I see the Trevi Fountain again.

Anyway, that's everything of interest for now. I can't believe I only have two months left here. Time really is starting to fly. I can't wait to see what the rest of this trip brings!


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